Covid still has people stuck at home. So why not bring the beach to them.

What it does

Toes in the water is an api that provides users with the name, country and website to some of the world's most acclaimed beaches. This way people can learn about what the world has to offer whithout leaving the safety of their home and being able to admire and even plan a future vacation based on what they have seen.

How we built it

Using Jason to crate a database where the information is stored, Javascript to set up server.

Challenges we ran into

I made the mistake of creating the API on over my local machine. This prevented me from being able to access the server to check if the API was up and running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to code in Json and successfully create a database document.

What we learned

How an API works and how setting up a restful API isn't too complicated.

What's next for Toes in the water

Further developing the API and having people contribute to the db.json file in order to get a better list of beaches people can access.

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