Students often have issues remembering homework deadlines. We wanted to create an application that would help students, primarily middle schoolers, organize their homework. We realized that although there are plenty of applications that allow users to input their work, we had yet to come across an application where users simply scan/upload their work and the application recognizes the subject, topic, and due date.

What it does

The user signs into their google account and then uploads a picture of their homework. The web application recognizes the subject, topic and due date and then organizes the homework and sorts it according to the users preferences.

How we built it

We used Google's text recognition API, that recognizes the first three blocks of text. Using javascript, we then incorporated a sorting algorithm that sorts the data according to the users choice of parameter- date, topic or subject, and displays it accordingly.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered many issues in using Git and incorporating the API. When using the Google Calendar API, we ran into problems in creating a visual representation of the user's calendar and allowing the user to add a new event from an uploaded picture. We were able to get a list of upcoming events. However, we realized that the OCR recognize would only work from a server, while the Google Calendar API requests only worked from a client-browser, so we had to pick one or the other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to successfully incorporate Google's text recognition API into our web application. Furthermore, most of our team was unfamiliar with Javascript, HTML and CSS but by the end we felt like we had a basic understanding of the three.

What we learned

Many of us had very little experience using Git, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but our collaboration on ToDue advanced our knowledge in using these tools. Each of us learned something new, whether it involved front-end work, like designing the website layout, or the back-end side of things, like implementing an API we've never used to the website.

What's next for ToDue

We hope to continue working on this project and incorporate Google Calendar so that the homework scanned then shows up on a calendar linked to your google account. This means that when we shut the web page, the homework logged remain logged. We also want to add an option where past the due dates, the homework disappears. We might then consider adding additional features such as recommended links, reminders etc.

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