Nothing quite accomplishes daily productivity like the traditional todo-list. Each task displayed in order, ready to be ticked off one by one. However, this can usually be an isolating process rather than a collaborative one. TODOTogether hopes to bring a company culture of collaboration and teamwork down into people's daily tasks.

What it does

TODOTogether implements core task management functionality into a workspace-wide synchronized platform. It consists of 3 sections:

  1. The Personal task list: This section functions like a traditional todo-list, where a user can add tasks on their docket.

  2. The Team task list: This section allows users to quickly reach out and collaborate on tasks or projects from their team members. This replaces lengthy emails and allows team members to opt-in to the task.

  3. The Open task list: The core functionality of TODOTogether, which allows for projects or tasks to be shared company-wide. With the departmental, subject, and time-estimation tags available, general information about the task can be rapidly disseminated across an entire company, allowing people to opt-in and help cross-departmentally according to their personal strengths.

How we built it

The platform is built with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, with drag-and-drop functionality enabled by Dragula JS.

What's next for TODOTogether

Search and filter functionality for the Open task list, the ability to add/tag multiple user profiles to tasks, and to chain tasks and create sub-tasks. Further service integration could also be exciting aspect of TODOTogether, such as automatically generating and displaying video-conference links for meetings, or utilizing the Trello API to bring the open-list functionality to companies' current work-flow.

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