we want to support every kilometer of the planet to revive the economy

What it does

Our platform supports giving visibility to all businesses close to users, supporting small businesses to reactivate their sales, thus preventing them from going bankrupt and large chains being the ones to keep these revenues. Focusing on the collaborative economy and fair trade

How we built it

A group of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs developed a platform to connect the owners of commercial establishments with their clients. They are: Ricardo Mancero and Andrés Dueñas, project leaders have been working for several years in the development of digital projects and during the quarantine process due to Covid19; They looked for a technological solution to help those most economically affected by the crisis. The premise is to prevent people from crowding into supermarkets and help revive the economy of small and medium-sized companies, which have been forced to close their operations due to a lack of customers.

Challenges we ran into

Revive the small business economy. Avoid crowds. Digitize small businesses. Connect 1km around users with shops. Connection facilities between businesses and users through a webapp. Visibility of small businesses due to scarce advertising resources.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This Startup has been very well received at the international level, being chosen by Unesco to spread it worldwide within its #YouthOfUnesco program. On the other hand, the Inter-American Development Bank in its IDB LAB platform has placed the project within “COVID-19 Map of Innovators of Latin America and the Caribbean”. In Mexico, the venture was chosen as the winner in the call "Hack The Crisis Mx" among more than 400 proposals. He was chosen winner in the economic reactivation category in the "Hacking Covid" call organized by the government of the Canary Islands-Spain. Currently the project is as a finalist in the call: "Ecuador Post-Crisis Hackathon" and as a finalist project in the "Ideas for Our Mexico" contest with which they have managed to reach the final among more than 1500 proposals.

What we learned

We learn to get to know people closer, understanding their needs and anxieties, and we continue learning as we want to reactivate the planet's economy.

What's next for todos mas cerca

1.- The next steps is to have a multichannel bot that connects users with businesses 1km around. 2.- implement payment gateways, so that the user can buy through the platform 3.- Develop an ERP for the inventory of shops, so that when a user wants to search for example nutella, they can see according to their geolocation which store has nutella. 4.- create our own delivery app 5.- connect farmers with businesses to generate fair trade 6.- We have a fremium model, which means that any business can have an ecommerce website if they wish, we want to democratize electronic commerce.

Try the platform

  1. Go to
  2. In the address field next to the city “Quito”, write a Quito Street for example “6 de Diciembre”, and choose a category for your search, for example “restaurants”
  3. Press the search button and you will get the option, to move the pointer to get the best place close where you are.
  4. Press search in the red button to confirm your location and get the results.
  5. Nice! You can see now the stores inside the category you choose, nearest you, and the number of other stores from other categories, and contact them by whatsapp.
  6. Of course you can choose the map view, just clicking in the icon on the top of the list, and check your location.

As a store:

  1. As store you can go to:
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and fill the form, we include the location of your store using google maps pointer move, or autocomplete functions.
  3. You have to fill all the fields, and click on register.
  4. Check that the all the information is correct before proceed-
  5. Nice, you are inside Todos más cerca!
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