-Inspired a Linux program called "when" which manages the user's calendar(deadlines mainly) and everything works in the bash terminal. And though "when" was implemented in Perl which I haven't studied yet, I would consider written somethings similar in C is practical as in UNIX systems we can have gcc to compile easily and run the executable in the terminal as well. For me personally, maybe a review of at least the basic syntax of C. -Keeping things in trackmulti-processss like a computer -minimal and simple, just an executable file needed by the user

What it does

For now, in the range of a day. I kept every single item to do in the form of a LinkedList. So the user can add, and remove tasks of a given day as well as check the remaining tasks in the queue of a given day.

How I built it

Easy, compiled using gcc and debugged using gdb

Challenges I ran into

-When implementing an "interface" for this little program, instead of just plain text for output, I thought I could use some Ascii art which would be more exciting. But a problem arose as in C, backslash "\" would be considered as an escape character by default so definitely trickier than I thought. -"remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021." when trying to git push from my Linux computer, so had to generate and use personal access token. -gdb cannot find/access a shared library-fixed by "sudo pacman -Syu" -fgets doesn't work after running scanf-fixed by flushing the input buffer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-successful review of C -LinkedList effectively used

What I learned

How to build a LinkedList from a text

What's next for ToDoC

-Clean up the code -Improve the interface -Introduce priority to the tasks, may have to change the entire data structure

Built With

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