Todo is just a bot to help people to create a todo List using the text system or speech. I built in using python. It was the first time to build a python app. I spend a lot of time to install, the code himself was not complicated as expected but I did spend a few hours to learn the language. My main problem was to make understand TodoBoot what's the user was saying and call the corresponding function. This my first python app.It is not that amazing, but I like it. TodoBot can hear me. I learned how to build a app with python, back-end and a little bit of front-end. I must work again on GUI. I also learned how difficult is it to build to build a Bot, understand and think how to treat user data is not that easy. For TodoBot, add multi-list management, not limited to Todo List but also all kinds of list. And work a little bit more text to speech or add Alexa.

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