I was inspired when I use taking notes on a small screen. That small screen was my phone. I wanted to make something that I can use for my laptop.

What it does

This to-do list application takes events that users type and saves them into a CSV file. Then when the user types the email they saved it in, it brings in that saved task only.

How I built it

I build it with HTML and python. I used flask for the backend, which is where I used python. I used HTML because I was creating a webpage.

Challenges I ran into

  • I was not able to get values from HTML to python
  • I was not able to save the values into the CSV files
  • I was not able to delete any lines of data from the CSV file
  • I was then having all the lines deleted instead of one. ## Accomplishments that I am proud of
  • I worked on this by myself with help from mentors. ## What I learned
  • I learned how to get values from HTML to python. ## What's next for Todo List
  • The delete should not make all only delete that line and still print the other lines
  • Fix the GUI
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