We are stuck in our homes packed with a lot of things to do and take care of. But we lose track of them and end the day without completing them all. So, this is a basic Chores Checker App to track our activities and complete them all.

What it does

->Users can log in.
->Add their daily Chores
->Can update or Edit their Chores
->Can delete their Chores
->Can mark their Chores as complete

How I built it

I first worked on its frontend. I used angular to design its UI/UX. Then I went ahead to create its backend using Restful Web Services. The backend was completely a maven spring boot application. For the authorization part, JWT tokens were used for logging in. H2 DB was used as an in-memory database.

Challenges I ran into

There were so many issues while connecting the front end to the back end. There was a CORS Policy issue that stopped the frontend from communicating to the backend. I had to allow Cross-Origins for that. Then there were some mapping issues for which the data couldn't be fetched and I debugged that as well.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Finally, the app is usable with all its basic functionalities with a standard and secured authentication system.

What I learned

I learned a lot while developing this like so many errors and bugs and how to debug them efficiently. Now I am confident enough that next time when I come across such issues I can get it right in no time or the issues won't exist in the first place at all.

What's next for Chores Checker App

I have plans to connect it to a persistent DB and kinda deploy it. And maybe I will go ahead and get an android version for this as well.

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