After a difficult week at school, we realised that it is necessary to stay organised - and what better way to do that other than an app. This way, we can access our tasks around the globe, whether we're on holiday or we've simply forgotten our bags. Later, we realised this app can be used by more than just school children, so we removed the school theme by not using words such as "subject" for the tags.

What it does

Todio is a todo list which stores your tasks and adds tags to them, and then displays the tags. It allows for adding descriptions to the tasks too.

How we built it

We used css for the style of the webpage, then we used javascript for the client-side scripting along with the jquery plugin for increased functionality. We used AJAX to talk to the server whilst remaining on the same webpage allowing for data to be loaded on demand and the page to be more dynamic. Html was used to create the website itself.

Challenges we ran into

Our first challenge was the login, as we attempted to use Google's login API. Though this was guaranteed as secure, it did not work and we later realised we would have to code the login in php. To prevent a compromise on security, this took a rather long amount of time, and we faced many bugs too, so before we knew it, it was past midnight and all we really had was a login. Time management is a target for the future. Another challenge was that one team member did not have a pc to work from, so our productivity was minimised (by 33%), which will change next time for sure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a prototype of our core idea and created a basic UI. Though none of had special expertise in any particular language, or any experience with hackathons, we worked under the pressure and produced a product, though substandard.

What we learned

Alongside actual programming knowledge, such as MySQL, we have learnt many skills that will help us to improve our programming experience and maybe even to perform better at a future hackathon. This includes planning the amount of time we dedicate to each task, by producing a Gantt chart for example. We will also plan the UI in more detail, as the choosing of colours took an unnecessary amount of time, as did choosing the layout.

What's next for Todio

We have many ideas for improving our current product as it did not reach the level of completion we initially hoped for. The most important next step is including a calendar function, as this was the basis for a lot of the app. Then, we plan to improve the UI, making it more accessible not only to the average user but to those who are less able, for example a setting for the visually impaired or colour changes for the colour blind. A further stretch would be allowing for a link to other file services, such a dropbox, allowing people to work on their tasks wherever in the world they are. Last but definitely not least, a working Google login will be an aim for the future, as well as working logins from other popular OpenID Providers.

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