TODE (Token Driven Education) is an online educational platform built on Substrate.

Our inspiration

We're inspired by bringing new brains to the Web3 space. TODE has the opportunity to make online education in blockchain free to those who need it and run a successful business simultaneously.

Learn 2 Earn

One of the most popular educational platforms Udemy (52 million users), reports that the average student enrolled in a Udemy course completes only 30% of the content. And an average of 70% of students never even start the course! The big, accredited universities aren't doing any better at online classes. The primary goal of educational platforms is to sell courses, not to deliver the knowledge and make the learning process fun. That's why students don't care as much about completing a course as buying it. We believe that reward for successful completion of the course would be a great benefit:

  • The courses would become more attractive to buyers because they could become free if you pass the test
  • Our clients will become our best promoters cause those who pass the test will actually become well educated in the subject and will be in demand on the job market.

We're still early

Blockchain will continue to develop intensively over the next few years. In a Wells Fargo bank's report, the team said how rapidly crypto users are growing worldwide. Crypto appears near a "hyper-adoption phase," similar to the internet during the mid-to-late 1990s. It means we'll see a lot of new professionals coming from different spaces to the crypto space in the next few years. Moreover, as we see new job fields in the online space every year, new professions will appear in crypto similarly. Even in a complete mass adoption of Web3, we believe education will stay relevant. Therefore, a platform that offers engaging and informative blockchain education will be a successful business case.

How we build it

To create the platform, we use the standard Polkadot Substrate pallet set and create a new custom TODE pallet for course management.


We faced some challenges in tokenomics design because using native tokens will attract instability to our business model. To keep the payments transparent, gain stable profits, and make equivalent refunds in any market conditions, we've decided to use one of the popular stablecoins.

What's next for TODE

Our goal is to become the most effective online education platform in Web3 for learners and bring tones of new professionals into the space. Once we implement the back-end, we'll work on a detailed marketing plan and engage professional mentors to produce courses for the platform.

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