I have 3 small children which I love, but can be frustrating sometimes. This alexa skills gives a small taste of what family life if like at my house.

What it does

Toddler Simulator will simulate a child's' response as if it were opposite day. It will also reverse other yes/no statements such as "yes please" will turn into "no please". Toddler Simulator will keep asking for your response until you give up.

Try: "No no no" "Yes you can" "Do your chores" "Come here" "Eat your food now"

How I built it

The Skill was built in Node.js using the alexa-sdk provided on git by the Amazon team.

Challenges I ran into

Debugging can be difficult after deploying the skill for testing when there is an error in the code. The tester does not show the JS errors. My development setup was not setup to debug locally before deploy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My kids enjoy the skill on alexa.

What I learned

How to build a alexa skill and regex for javascript

What's next for Toddler Simulator

Building a better grammar system to reverse word and still be grammatically correct.

Built With

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