What inspired us

The current situation with the pandemic causes a lot of stress within many individuals. We personally have felt this within our daily lives so we sought out to help solve this problem. We asked ourselves the question, what is different about our lives now when compared to our lives before this pandemic. We came up with the ToDayTrip as our answer. What we really missed from before is how we could go out whenever we had free time and everywhere would be open and available for us to explore. We would go on our own mini-adventure.

How our website works

ToDayTrip plans a personally tailored and individually catered travel trip that provides key information on destinations that the user would like to go to. By entering a location, our website provides the user with a list of locations with addresses and keywords that describe the location.

How we built it

We built TodayTrip by using utilizing Google Cloud's APIs. The input includes a country, city, and address that are turned into their corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates through the geocoding API. Using those coordinates, Google's nearby search API is used to find nearby locations based on an input of a certain range and keywords. This back-end process is done through python and is connected with the website through the use of the Flask framework. Basic HTML5, CSS, and JS are used to create the front-end portion of Today Trip. Finally, Heroku was used to run the application on its cloud platform.

Challenges we ran into

We faced some problems with CSS conversion into the Flask flask framework from our initial HTML development framework which is why our Heroku app has some issues with CSS formatting. Our repl link is with our original website development and has all the correct CSS formatting but does not include the functionality. The Heroku app has the functionality but has a few CSS bugs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned during this hackathon how to work with Flask and Google Cloud API's as well as Firebase Database systems. We successfully hooked up Google Cloud APIs on a tight deadline during our first time working with such software.

What we plan for the future

What's next for TodayTrip: We plan to implement more features in the future, such as live street-view so you know exactly where you are going. We also want to implement landmark recognization in order to introduce some sort of memory or photo album to the user. Although this project is free for now, we can also implement it as a way to advertise local business', especially during these hard times. It allows the user to support their local business' as well as provide the user with an enjoyable time. VR implementation will be the main feature which is why we are in the design hack

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