The Art Theater has been providing Champaign-Urbana residents with quality and varied entertainment for over a century. Its historic prowess is unmatched, yet it seems maybe Chambana residents are unaware of its presence.

What it does

The website highlights the Art Theater's showings, offers links to buy tickets, and displays it all in a way that emphasizes its history and unique film choices

How I built it

Angular, Chart.js, Art Theater's data set,, PrimeNg,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The animations, design, and usability are clever, unique, and fitting to the iconic style of the Art Theater The website has a clean interface and neatly ordered guidance.

What's next for Today at the Art

Next, we will add IMBD links to the Past Showings so users can find out more information about the kind of movies the Art Theater shows. Most importantly we want this website to be a hub for movie-goers to easily find showings at, and appreciate the history, uniqueness, and aesthetic of the Art Theater.

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