Brown University has traditionally sent out emails every morning containing detailed information about campus events, but recently it completely overhauled its system and made it cumbersome and unintuitive to use. All of a sudden, Brown students weren't reading the daily mail about Brown's most important campus events anymore. And that is a tragedy!

We wanted to remedy that experience and bring a clean, compact, and fully informative organization of Brown's events, every day, to Brown students on a single lightweight web page.


Our biggest priority was designing a space in which the news delivered by Brown's Today@Brown system would be communicated in a clean, no-hassle interface. Our two greatest ideas were as follows:

  1. Each student should be able to choose what types of events they want to appear on their feed. No more tech students having their dashboard flooded with architecture and literary arts events! Students would receive quick access to the events they'd be most likely to attend.

  2. Students would be able to add any on-campus event to their Google Calendar in one or two clicks. (We didn't end up finishing this feature.)

Our project is full-stack and hosted in Node.js. Try it out!

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