Collecting and updating project's data could be irritating and messed up if there's not a suitable system available to assist, especially when the amount of data is massive and related to other parties. With that being said, our team has decided to built a system that facilitates data management with as much flexibility as possible while maintaining easy and secured access.

What it does

TODInfoCollector allows agencies to create/update TOD projects either by manually input in the form or import from *.csv * files (Excel supports save files as .csv), keeps track of changes made to the records (date, time, who), generates any report templates that TOD staff want and exports reports to Excel.

How we built it

Our team has selected Salesforce platform to build TODInfoCollector

General Timeline

  1. Familiarizing with Salesforce
  2. Planning and designing schema
  3. Constructing objects and fields
  4. Integrating necessary objects into a lighting app
  5. Modifying page layout
  6. Inputting test records
  7. Testing functionality

Scope of Work Completed

  • Adding new project
  • Updating project
  • Removing project
  • Generating predefined templates
  • Exporting report to Excel files
  • Spell-checking input data
  • Uniform matter data with pick list fields

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge is to get ourselves familiar with Salesforce platform as none of our team members has experienced it before. The resources available are not that much compared to other ways of building an application. This is also our first database management project, so it takes a bit effort to design a suitable schema for this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team had a great time working together. We all had a great opportunity to learn more about SaaS, specifically Salesforce, which has huge potential in the future. We're proud of being able to manage the time to make it by the deadline even though we all have been super busy as midterms are taking place along with other assignments in school.

What we learned

We learned how to develop a basic lighting app in Salesforce in a short period of time but suffice for most of the needs as well as working collaboratively from design to implementation of a software project.

What's next for TOD Data Collection & Update Form

Our TODInfoCollector still has a lot of things to be enhanced, we need to work on importing data from more various formats besides .csv, also a public facing portal for others to check current TOD projects.

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