We had spare parts about, and we wanted to create life!

What it does

TOD (Tank Of Destiny, or Tactical Observation Device) is a robot mean for expansion. As it stands, TOD is able to launch a drone, PAM (Patrolling Aerial Machine), and obtain camera feed from it, as well as get camera feed from the robot itself. It can also drive on uneven surfaces, and even climb stairs.

How we built it

Using parts from the previous HackISU entry, we cannibalized it and added a new (much larger) power source, updated drive programs, and a drone launching platform.

Challenges we ran into

Gearboxes slipping, not having enough cables for the wiring, and program troubleshooting

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Extremely modular and very easy to service, as well as a custom made drone landing pad

What we learned

It's more than possible to create something from nothing, especially something grand

What's next for TOD 3.1

Autonomy - more sensors and object detection with computer vision. Autonomous drone launching is in the list as well.

Built With

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