Toco enables truly global commerce using Digitalbits technology. The ecosystem enables merchants to easily issue and distribute store credit, and enables customers to store, exchange, and redeem this store value.

Toco places an emphasis on usability. We do not expect our end-users to have any knowledge of blockchain or the underlying technology. Features should "just work" at the tap of a button.


The growth of Web 2.0 has created a vast digital ecosystem for online commerce. The platforms, services, and corporations built upon the web have enabled merchants and customers to transact in a shared global sphere.

However, global commerce is still limited by the inefficiencies of fiat currency. As a customer in Canada, I cannot purchase an item from a Spanish retailer without incurring costly foreign exchange fees. Or an even more frustrating example - my refunded “credit” from a local airline is locked to my account, preventing me from utilizing this value unless I book another flight.

These examples highlight the key drawbacks of centralized value. Artificial transactional barriers, whether they be enacted by a country or a private organization, limits the freedom of value exchange.

This presents a unique opportunity for digital currencies. Cryptocurrency tokens, given that they live on the same blockchain, are able to be minted, swapped, and burned without significant overhead. The ability to tokenize any asset is the basis of the DigitalBits ecosystem, making the platform suitable for addressing these current inefficiencies.

Toco - The Platform & Ecosystem

At the core, Toco enables the following:

  • One-click token creation to digitize store value
  • Distribute their merchant token easily (using a one-time-code emailed to a customer, for example)
  • Integrate the redemption/distribution directly into existing platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace, and Square.
  • A unified wallet of store balances across merchants
  • The ability to show a QR code (through the Toco App) to redeem tokens at physical checkout systems
  • One-click redeem tokens through an existing checkout workflow (ex. a Toco integration in Shopify, as opposed to paying with a PayPal login)

A unified and interchangeable standard for store value also enables the creation of a distributed exchange of such store value. This enables users to exchange value at one store for some amount of value at another store. This is powered by the Digitalbits distributed exchange.

Circling back to the example of locked airline credits, this token exchange would allow this unusable value to be unlocked for use at a merchant of my choice.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about our plan to make Toco a reality (both as a service and as a business), check out our whitepaper.

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