Inspiration for creating Toby Talks surfaced when the Covid-19 pandemic caused social distancing in school and a reduction in nuanced chatting. For a lot of kids they don't get the valuable social chatter that happens naturally at school. We used Google's Dialogueflow combined with a python backend to create a conversational companion for younger kids to develop valuable speaking skills. Companionship and chatter can be found in the most mysterious of places, and during these unprecedented times AI can comfort and help connect those struggling with the resources they most need.

Our team learned more about Google Cloud services and through Dialogueflow essentials this allowed us to formulate an AI companion named Toby. Utilizing python skills our team learned new techniques to implement file transfer protocols to give Toby the needed resources for performance.

Four beginners joined together to create a first time submission to the KnightHacks Hackathon. Some of the challenges faced during this competition were intellectual and time sensitive in nature. Working together and making the time to collaborate during a busy life schedule was tough, but overcome by sharing knowledge and resources. Thankful for the freedom of information and those who mentored our team.

Built With

  • blood/sweat/tears
  • dialogueflow
  • ngrok
  • python
  • uvicorn
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