A lot of women who work in Tech related jobs are often discriminated against. Slack is an increasingly popular online workspace for software engineers, developers etc. There can easily be workplace discrimination in the form of sexist comments, shift of management or simple rude remarks. Such spaces should therefore have some kind of monitoring system and rules for professional conduct.

What it does

Toby Flenderson is a slack bot which reads all messages being posted in channels and runs them through a trained model. The model is trained to identify phrases which are negative and discriminatory in nature. Toby then identifies the HR rep on the slack about such comments and leaves it to the discretion of them to take action if they need to.

How I built it

I build it using node.js and slack's api. I used monkey learns service to train my own data and built a biased model.

Challenges I ran into

Didn't know how to build a slack bot. A LOT of authentication errors. Never built a project in Javascript before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Trained my own data for analysis. Overcame my challenges :)

What I learned

I know why javascript is so popular :')

What's next for Toby Flenderson

Integrating real time file uploads for individual employees (Women) who have faced harassment to the bot and send it to HR anonymously.

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