Many people continue to face challenges when it comes to remote learning. Educators and parents want greater insight into the students’ progress... Young students need a service to boost productivity and motivation...

What it does

Toasty is a chrome extension/web app concept that is meant to be used in conjunction with other educational materials in order to boost productivity and morale. It gamifies the learning experience and encourages users to get stuff done in an entertaining and interactive way, through the motivation of a super cute & crispy piece of bread! Users complete tasks, earn crumbs, and then use crumbs to customize their toast with a variety of different toppings.

Who it's meant for

Ultimately anybody, but our target demographic is young children in elementary to middle school & their parents and educators (tutors, teachers, etc.)

How it helps

Educators and parents can play a more active role in their students’ academic progress, and this extension makes it easier to assign tasks and study material to students. For students, productivity is boosted in a more comfortable, entertaining, and friendly environment. Toasty seeks to gently encourage task completion. Every student can move at their own pace while maintaining a healthy relationship with their academic progress.

How we built it

UX/UI: Figma, FigJam, Procreate, Development: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git

Challenges we ran into

Time management (balancing socializing/events during the hackathon with project work ), challenges with development since creating a chrome extension was a foreign concept to all of us.


Collaboration, Process of Designing and Prototyping to Program Execution, Use of a Variety of Tools & Technologies

What's next for Toasty

More complete functionality and hopefully eventually adding this extension to the Chrome web store! Also, more UX/UI designs & analysis!

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