It's an amazing resource for the majority of us who struggle with public speaking.

What it does

We give you the honesty you deserve. We get it. Public speaking is hard. We want to help

How we built it

Good question... Considering the constant stream of obstacles that corrupted our journey, it's a miracle that it all works.

Challenges we ran into

Spotty Network Connection

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came together as a team with diverse backgrounds and skills to build a project that can have a profound impact on all of our communities. This is a problem that over 75% of Americans face.

Took understand the process of sentiment analysis from Natural Language Processing. Using three different API libraries to correctly get average of results. We learned about AJAX requests in Javascript so that I can make function requests to Python code. We finished the Google Speech recognition API and learned how to integrate Mlab to set up a quick MongoDB. Twilio Programmable Video to sync inviting users to our application.

What we learned

Technology New APIs, programming languages, platforms, and IDEs.

What's next for toasties

Audio Playback We hope to offer the user future access


Gesture Recognition

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