Univac, Apollo 11, Memes, Hydrogen Fusion, and more. This project started as a joke, but we ended up putting a good bit of effort into it in the end.

What it does

The project connects an Alexa Dot to a Raspberry Pi enabled toaster to remotely engage a toaster and make toast. Users can say "Alexa, tell my toaster to make my toast light/medium/dark in fifteen minutes" and she will respond to the request. The toaster will engage and in a couple minutes, the user will have delicious toast.

How I built it

We built it with an Amazon Dot, Raspberry Pi, toaster, DC motor, custom made circuits, and a good bit of programming in Python and Bash.

Challenges I ran into

Alexa is still in early stages and has a lot of limitations. We had some mechanical challenges regarding engaging the solenoid in the toaster and being able to fit the DC motor inside of the chassis. Insulation also posed a problem. Reverse engineering the control board inside of the toaster was interesting to say the least. We had a lot of trouble with the mechanism to pull down the plunger.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It actually works. We made a hackathon project that actually works.

What I learned

We learned a ton about AWS, Alexa development, H-Bridge circuits, motors, mechanical design, and the importance of a well rounded team.

What's next for ToasterIO

Probably nothing. But maybe we'll form a startup and start finding Series A funding. Hit us up. We might start controlling toilets next.

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