The failure of a certain project using Leap Motion API motivated us to learn it and use it successfully this time.

What it does

Our hack records a motion password desired by the user. Then, when the user wishes to open the safe, they repeat the hand motion that is then analyzed and compared to the set password. If it passes the analysis check, the safe unlocks.

How we built it

We built a cardboard model of our safe and motion input devices using Leap Motion and Arduino technology. To create the lock, we utilized Arduino stepper motors.

Challenges we ran into

Learning the Leap Motion API and debugging was the toughest challenge to our group. Hot glue dangers and complications also impeded our progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of our hardware and software worked to some degree of success. However, we recognize that there is room for improvement and if given the chance to develop this further, we would take it.

What we learned

Leap Motion API is more difficult than expected and communicating with python programs and Arduino programs is simpler than expected.

What's next for Toaster Secure

-Wireless Connections -Sturdier Building Materials -User-friendly interface

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