We were inspired by our desire to only consume Instagrammable food. On our way over here, we were talking about a restaurant at Penn that people only go to take pictures of beautiful french toast and through a few conversation tangents, we somehow landed on the idea of building a toaster that could toast images onto bread.

What it does

Given an image of any size, it is scaled to fit on the bread and is toasted onto it.

How we built it

From a software perspective, we wrote a simple Python processing script using Pillow that took an image as an input and outputs a 2-dimensional bitmap of the image in black and white.

On the hardware side, we disassembled a fairly cheap toaster bought from K-Mart. We rigged up a box with wires and the disassembled toaster and extended our heating source with coils and copper wire. From there, we took our software and paired it with an Arduino Uno that takes in x-y coordinates and a binary value which then translates to whether to toast a given "pixel" on our toast. It iterates through the entire piece of bread until the image is completely printed.

Challenges we ran into

Hackathons generally don't have toasters on loan for hacking and hot things are hot.

What we learned

  • Python, Numpy, and Pillow
  • Review of trigonometry and physics
  • Hardware rigging involves fun math

What's next for Toast-Printer

  • Printing multi-colored images
  • Web interface to allow people to interact with the toaster with greater ease
  • Applying butter or jam to toast

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