Come by and get some toast!!

Conventional toasters today are time based. In this time limit lets assume x minutes is the total time to toast. In that x minutes, some of that time is allotted to warming up the heating element and the remainder of the time is for actually toasting the toast. Now what if the user needs to make more than just one batch of toast? Well, what happens in the second batch is that since the toaster was already preheated, then the entire x minutes is used for toasting the toast and as a result the toast receives more than desired heat and is burnt or toasted more than the optimal point. This is the inspiration point for Toast 4 Me.

Our target user is everyone! Toast 4 Me provides a hardware platform and software platform that gives you the best possible way to wake up to your day! By utilizing specialized sensors we are successfully capable of analyzing your toast in real time and integrating the temperature over time to calculate the exact amount of heat the piece of toast is receiving. And in doing this, we are creating consistent toast the way you want it. Furthermore, with our integrated technology we are able to provide extremely precise settings that were previously not available in conventional toasters. This is the future of breakfast.

Some key features of Toast 4 Me is the ability to autostart your toaster when the alarm clock on the web application or the (potential android/iOS apps) goes off, with Toast 4 Me, you also have the ability to view a stream of data in real time on the web interface and select the toast level to your heart's desire! If you forget about your toast inside Toast 4 Me, the toaster will actually notify you through your phones texting application!

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