Virtual experiences are great, but they can be better if people can enjoy them while aid social and beneficial projects. We know about how inequality has grown up around the world, we want to contribute with a tool through which people can interact in a virtual space with their  favorite artists and give away to achieve an amount required for a social project, to a Better World. So, we hope, a kind of equality can be achieved by the aid of social projects in the metaverse.

What it does

1- Connect fans and artists 2- Allow fans pay tickets 3- Allow organizations post their social projects to receive support. 

How we built it

We followed steps that are listed below:

  • Think about the idea. At the beginning it was for supporting the learning process. then it evolved to social projects. 
  • Decide the HW and SW for development. We have some experience with devices that were not available, so we decided to explore  new devices like looking at glass portraits, and integrate them with the magic leap. - Decide the pipeline, how the tool would work and how it will connect different users. 
  • Create a mini demo- Work on the smart contract. 
  • Create the visual presentation, logo, slogan, first avatars (which were scanned from the developers).- Collaborate among us. receiving aid from mentors and with tutorials and documentations on line. 

Challenges we ran into

  • Understand and develop for looking glass portrait.- Smartcontract, it is not easy for us to understand all the methodology. - Design the visual part (avatars, images, complete the amount)- Music for the demo. We had no experience as producers or creators of music.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We learnt a lot about new devices, like looking glass and leap motion. We learn about them.
  • We believe a better world where collaboration and values can lead improve.  

What we learned

  • How to develop with new devices and technologies. How to fuse different technologies, and different skills to enhance the idea.

What's next for ToABetterWorld

  • Improve the development - ensure integration of both ways for visualization ( magic leap and looking glass. -  bring it to small test in small events for small projects- scale it to a larger audience. 

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