I almost always forget to do simple things, like take out the trash/compost/recycling, pick up milk, and end up feeling like a worse friend. Not because I was mean or being self-centered, but for carelessness. This app is a two way street to help friends keep track of the small favors they promised each other.

There is an imbalance of caring, usually, when someone asks for a small favor, and I believe this imbalance is what often causes people to forget and never enter simple requests into a planner. With this app we allow the person who cares to make things easier for the person carrying out the chore by creating a to-do element for them.

This app can also be used for general organizational purposes, like, come to practice, or bring your laptop today. But in large I see this app as a tool which people can use to help others be better friends.

Our target user are the forgetful and those in relationships with them. I could imaging the application being popular in parent child relations as more of a one way street. But anyone who feels they are constantly juggling chores for others would benefit from this apps use.

The best features of this app include date setting and prioritization of tasks and color coding. a befriending system, a create, notify, dismiss, reject cycle for all tasks, email alerts, text alerts, multiple fragments, and a quickly navigable graphical user interface.

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