A to do list is a very common project to do in web development. So for my first Hackaton I thought I would go back to a common project and apply the new knowledge that I know now to accomplish it.

What it does

To Do or Not To Do allows users to add task to their to do list and allows them to check off task when they are complete.

How we built it

I built it using React, CSS, and HTML. I used mobile-first design to design it.

Challenges we ran into

I had trouble trying to save input value into a new state. I solved this problem by setting a variable with the value of the input and pass that variable to the new state

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to utilize forms for the first time in a personal project.

What we learned

I learned how to use forms in React and how to have controlled inputs to change the value after every change.

What's next for To Do Or Not To Do

I want to add a separate list where it shows completed tasks.

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