Main idea

We wanted to create an app which allows people to organise their tasks and sub tasks in order to make sure deadlines are met. Thus helping with our routine. Plan The initial plan for the app was to have functionality to add, edit, delete and complete tasks and sub tasks on an intuitive user interface. We wanted to have the facility to sort your tasks by the time they were due, view all tasks and view individual tasks and sub tasks. Minimal Viable Product We decided that a minimal viable product for our project would be an app that would run on the command line and have the capability to store simple tasks and order tasks.

Our final project

We were able to meet all the requirements set out by our MVP and also add a user interface in the form of a web page. The inner workings We used Spring Boot in order to store, serve and save tasks. We created an object to store all the data needed in each individual task and then that was stored in storage. This can then be accessed by making a GET request. It can also be added to by making a POST request. We used sorting algorithms in order to have the tasks presented to the user in the order in which the tasks are due. We used HTML and bootstrap in order to make and style a user interface. We used client side JavaScript to GET and POST the item objects to and from storage.

By Jacob Sewell, Adhya Rajaram and Muhammed Ahmed

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