The inspiration behind this project was to create something applicable to managing one’s day. After some brainstorming, we decided we wanted to create a variation of a To Do List App, that incorporated a task the user wants to complete and the duration of time they predict this would take.

What it does

The purpose of this program is to allow for user inputs for a task that the user wishes to complete, and how long this task would take. Then, as tasks are completed, the user would be able to delete the task and its respective time, with a message letting them know they have completed this. Through this, the user would be able to see their objectives for the day in a clear setting and then cross these tasks off, as they go about completing them.

How we built it

We built it using Javascript and React. We started by creating an todo/activity list. These activities are associated with the amount of time required for the activity. Both the activity and the amount of time is entered by the user. Our goal was to create a third user input for the time of day that the user would like to complete the activity (ex. Grocery shopping at 11am). These inputs would then be visually displayed as a calendar.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges was learning how to use React. None of our group members had previous experience with React. We relied mostly on Gear Up workshops and mentors to help us with learning the language. Overall it was a great learning experience for all of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For this project, we are proud of growing familiar with React, and gaining more experience with HTML/CSS. Since we were programming in an unfamiliar framework and language such as Javascript, we had to figure out new things, such as ways to incorporate new elements and design characteristics, and how to work around errors that we encountered. We were able to notice patterns throughout the code, to understand the purpose of our code, and how to incorporate interactive components.

What we learned

We learned and familiarize ourselves with coding in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. We broadened our known concepts with flex box and react related concepts. We also learned how to work efficiently and support each other while working virtually.

What's next for To Do List

Since this is similar to a To Do List/Calendar application, there are many more features we can add. For example, some features that we would like to incorporate for the future, and given more time, is to include the tasks in more of a calendar format, so the tasks along with their duration, can be associated with a certain time of the day. Additionally, we would want to make the actual web page itself more user-friendly, and experiment with different style components to increase the aesthetics.

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