I love Trello checklist and helps me to get more small actional items on my task. helps me to identify loopholes and which I might miss out and realize during the middle of the sprint. What if we can have todo for Jira?

What it does

  • Add to-do item
  • Delete to do item
  • Mark to-do item as done
  • Mark to-do item as not done

How I built it

I built it using the Forge Jira issue panel and onJiraProject store API to store todo data.

Challenges I ran into

Compare to my other projects, this one was straight forward and the only challenge was finding the onJiraProject store API documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to create a todo list inside Jira story instead of using any 3rd party apps.

What I learned

Store API is simple to use and very powerful. You don’t need a separate database to store data for most of the cases of building Forge apps.

What's next for To do Forge issue panel app for Jira

  • Add expiry date for the todo item
  • Add a flag to distinguish different types of to-do
  • Add any new TODO list feature
  • Show number of items finished from the list
  • Assign a to-do item to a specific team member.

Built With

  • forge
  • forgeui
  • onjiraproject
  • storeapi
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