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The idea came as a way to bring conversation and work closer. We spend most of our time talking on HipChat and less time on Jira. A to-do list in a room, that is always visible, is a great way to create focus in a conversation. The to-do list ensures everyone knows the important things to look after and keeps everyone in the loop about what is being done.

What it does

To-Do Bot keeps tracks of the rooms to-do list. With To-Do Bot, each room has it owns to-do list that only the room participants can see and update. You can create as many tasks as you want, assign task to your peers, set priorities, due dates, get reminders and mark them as complete once your done. It is a simple and powerful to-do list for HipChat.

How I built it

To-Do Bot is a Node JS app using the Express framework. Data is stored in Mongodb and encrypted using AWS KMS service. I use Bitbucket as my repository, Codeship as my CI along with AWS Beanstalk to set up my servers.

Challenges I ran into

Design is not my strong suit so I tried to implement Atlassian AUI for the most part of it but I ran into some issues that I fixed with my own styles. I definitely needs to spend more time on this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The integration with AWS KMS gives companies the peace of mind that their data is being protected. Security and quality controls in AWS KMS have been validated and certified by a number of compliance schemes. Being able to provide this level of security enables To-Do Bot to be accepted in larger organisations with more strict security requirements.

What's next for To-Do Bot for HipChat

With this first release I will be collecting customer feedback to identify any pain points and the most wanted features. In my roadmap, functionality such as due dates and reminders are on the top of the list.

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