ComicDrop is a simple set of drawing tools & creatively conducive workflows infused within a well-structured, comic and story-board building process. Designed and built by a printmaker with years of teaching experience, ComicDrop's multiple points of entry allow for young artists and writers to see success in an array of forms, through writing, drawing, or composing compelling narratives. Comicdrop can compliment a wide variety of subject-areas, allowing teachers to craft lessons that involve the passage of time, multi-step experiences, or a set of possible outcomes, and allowing students a playful opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and incorporate the work of their peers, in real time.

I'm most proud of Comicdrop's mindful application of constraint, and as a former teacher, this is absolutely a tool i'd love to have and use in a classroom.

My dream users are middle-school aged kids, with a user-base that reflects the real world, in terms of gender-balance and diversity. Ideally I'd be engaging kids with a proclivity to create, and kids who are comfortable creating with / alongside their parents.

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