Scramble is inspired by various fast-paced mini-games like Wario Ware and Mario Party series.

What it does

The server pairs clients into Rooms and starts a random mini-game between the two clients. Depending on the mini-game, it may end by a set timer or whichever client finishes their game first.

How we built it

We built our back-end in Express.js, which has a single route to serve our static files. In addition, the server also watches for various socket emitters from each of the clients, and acts accordingly. As for the front-end, we used React.js to dynamically update the DOM when receiving information from the sockets and user input.

Challenges we ran into

Since sockets work in an asynchronous matter, there were various server-client misalignment when working with socket data.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We have a fully working demo; it is hosted on a cloud instance and has modern intuitive design.

What I learned

We've gained experience about working with sockets (with React.js), asynchronous data flow, and efficient collaborative programming under stress.

What's next for Scramble

More mini-games, observe opponent's progress and improve performance of the site.

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