Inspiration was to create something that is not seen so often and help regular people make their business smarter

What it does

It helps with managing the coop with data dashboards:

  • tracks temperature and humidity in the coop
  • tracks water and food levels and automatically refills the supplies from the reservoir once they run out
  • automatically counts the number of chickens outside of the coop
  • automatically closes the coop doors on the sunset when all of the chickens are inside
  • shows all needed data on a dashboard

How we built it

We built it using:

  • Mosquitto MQTT broker running on own server
  • Node-Red running with InfluxDB
  • Docker
  • 2 ESP32 devices with the following sensors:
    • water level sensor
    • weight sensor
    • movement sensor
    • other sensor being simulated by buttons and LEDs
  • python script simulating the 9 devices

Challenges we ran into

Solving issues with SSL certificates (not successful), creating own server with public IP address, working with ESP32.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the overall project look, working prototype, and what we were able to build in a short time period.

What we learned

Working with ESP32, advanced Node-Red, and creating python Docker images.

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