The Gist

Learning should not only be confined to offline classroom courses. Rather, a comprehensive learning experience is what students come across when they study by themselves, explore in their fields of interest, and also, study in groups/from others' notes. This is what we highlight in our project.

Each student has his/her individual interpretation of whatever has been taught and explained in classroom by the teacher, which is clearly represented in the person's notes with regard to concepts and ideas. Moreover, it so happens that on some days, a particular student is absent, while on others, it may be someone else. To take all of this into consideration, where each student gets involved in an atmosphere of collaborative learning by gaining access to other classmates' notes and concepts highlighted there, our project involves students uploading a scanned PDF of their notes, which are then processed to be converted into images of pages.

This allows people to have a complete set of all concept highlighted in class notes at their disposal, for further reference in any case required.

These converted images are analysed and are converted into text for further refinement and auto-correction of text, and eventual extraction of keywords.

Basic WorkFlow

Once the keywords are extracted, our idea is to map these keywords with the objects that may be present in images uploaded by the user from his surroundings. For eg, the mapping from microprocessor to a cat in terms of the collar of a cat having microprocessors to send out signals to keep predators away.

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