I have seen many amazing effects that are created by others on SparkAR. Hence, I wanted to create a fun and interactive game that could entertain users while they stay at home during this pandemic crisis. I started building my first blinking game on SparkAR for pride2020. Soon after my curiosity grew and that's when I've made this attempt to create an interactive world effect Whack A Mole Game. In addition, I wanted to test myself on how much I've learned, and what other things I could create.

What it does

Whack A Mole AR, simulates the concept of an arcade whack a mole game by using the back-facing camera and real-world effect. Upon commencement of the game, the player would be given 20 seconds to hit as many moles as possible.

How I built it

  1. I build my low-poly moles, and mole holes by using the blender software.
  2. Once that was done it was time to make my characters move up and down at a fixed position and to make it reset when it is tapped.
  3. Following that, was to create a countdown timer, and a simple script to count the scores.
  4. Once that was done, it was time to place the environment to cover up the moles. and to include audio.

Challenges I ran into

  1. The scripting of the score only allows one input however, I have five moles that needed to be counted when tapped. I solve this by using the "Add" patch and "Value" patch for verification. (i.e. (mole 1 += mole 2)(mole 3 += mole4), after grouping the scores together, I simply add the total together until I get 1 single output. which I then connect it to display.

  2. I have never drawn or created anything using the blender software. I found it to be rather challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. I am extremely proud of this game, as Ii was able to make this into a working concept.
  2. The fact that I was able to solve the scoring issue, on my own.
  3. To be able to create low-poly characters by using blender.

What I learned

  1. Practice helps to improve my understanding and to be able to think about the logic of something that I'm creating.
  2. Patience, as frustrated as I get when I face an issue. I would always stop for a while, look back at the other effects that I have created, and figure out a way to solve the issue.
  3. curiosity, always have a curious mind on how to create a new idea, or to simply and improve a certain way of doing things.
  4. Learning new things, learning is part of our everyday life, it gives us experience, and helps to improve our skill.

What's next for Whack_A_Mole_AR

As this game is a simple one. I believe that there are many more things that could be done to further improve the game.

  1. To create an option where players are allowed to make the selection of the characters before starting the game.
  2. To make random characters to appear at a random location. each carrying different points.
  3. To create a high scoreboard that displays other player's score.

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