Seeing the capitalization of Theta and the increasing use of the network by users and programmers, I saw the need to simplify the creation of new tokens, since that will allow greater use, in the same way as has happened with tokens ERC20 on Ethereum.

What it does

It allows generating new TNT20 tokens using the Theta wallet extension, without the need for knowledge, just by completing a web form, available here

How we built it

We build it only using pure Javascript and HTML, without the need for a specific framework, which makes it portable so that any programmer can use it.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was understanding the Javascript library (both the SDK and the wallet), because it is not well documented on the Theta site, and I had to go into the source code and read it to understand it. Fortunately, the code was very readable and I was able to make this app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Build the entire product without having to use NodeJS, React or another framework, since I could extract the library to be used in a web browser without the need for a specific server (this app is even published on a static content server).

What we learned

Beyond everything I learned with the ThetaJS library, I understood the full operation of the Theta network, the opportunities that can be achieved now, and how to take advantage of my app to be able to extend it and do more.

What's next for TNT-20 Creator

Now, I want to extend the app to allow the creation of other smart contracts and NFTs, making it a much more complete app that can be used by all Theta users. Also, I want to generate an exchange in the app, for the exchange of TNT Tokens created on the network.

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