When we come to a place for the first time, it's helpful to know the mood of people around there. Imagine entering a party for the first time, you would like to know if most people are friendly or not. We made a Pebble app to detect the crowd sentiment level based on your current location

How it works

This pebble app gets geolocation data from the connected phone. Using Foursquare api, we get the name of the venue. The venue name is then passed to back-end, in which twitter api is used to fetch recent tweets around this place and sentiment analyze it.

Challenges I ran into

We were working on Pebble for the first time. Pebble's framework and cloud IDE was in dev state. Some functions are not very complete.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made the first pebble app! We are proud that we can incorporate so many api's from different companies.

What I learned

We learn the development process of pebble and the use of different api's

What's next for tMood

We will try to get more accurate geolocation and work on the user interface.

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