We found that the T-Mobile app and website, while offering a great user experience doesn't take advantage of the latest technology found in devices like Amazon Alexa. We find that Alexa can offer both functionality and a positive customer experience while staying true to T-Mobile's Un-Carrier campaign

What it does

You can view and pay your bill, check downtime services in your area, upgrade your services, and chat with your Team of Experts member.

How I built it

We used Amazon Alexa sdk for Node.js and ran the services on AWS Lambda.

Challenges I ran into

Since we didn't have customer data available to us we had to load mock data to our program. Also, we had to define every possible invocation when dealing with speech.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have made it easy to access info about your T-Mobile plan. What would take minutes we have reduced down to seconds.

What I learned

We learned the application of speech recognition in the production environment. We also learned how to use AWS Lambda.

What's next for Tmobile for Alexa

We plan on adding more features to support t-mobile customers

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