As remote work is becoming a new normal, smooth and effective communication is proving to be one of the major hurdles for the tech-companies today. This problem gets amplified when a developer tries to communicate a technical problem in writings. More often than not, the major point is lost in the translation resulting in the waste of valuable time and frustration among the employees. As a personal experience, onboarding as a new intern was extra challenging due to the lack of proper documentation and a central place to ask general questions. As a solution to overcome these communication barriers, we introduce PRJ.

What it does

PRJ provides a central platform for developers to ask questions instantly through the screen, voice, and/or video recordings. The developers can post the video-question within a specific team or company-wide along with an option to tag relevant team members to view/address the issue. Further, before posting the questions, the developers can use a smart search option - uses AI to search for any relevant words mentioned in the video, to search for the previously solved issues.

How we built it

PRJ is a serverless app with a React front-end and serverless backend using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and DynamoDB. Further, Atlassian connect was used to integrate Jira with PRJ.

Challenges we ran into

Since we wanted to use create-react-app for easy deployment, setting up Atlassian-connect with create-react-app was the major challenge for us. We eventually found a workaround, thanks to the extremely helpful mentors of Codegeist. This was also our first time creating a serverless app and working with Atlassian products so the learning curve was steep but we learned a lot and enjoyed the process along the way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of coming up with a solution to help millions of developers in this unprecedented time as well as creating and deploying our first-ever serverless app.

What we learned

We learned the serverless framework, integrating Jira using Atlassian connect, creating the serverless backend through Amazon API Gateway and Amazon Lambda and deploying the app on the cloud.

What's next for PRJ

Moving forward, we want to add functionality to link the current code snippet on the video directly to the code repo. This way developers can directly move from the video to the code snippet of interest with just one click which also takes away the guesswork in finding the right lines of code.

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