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What it does

TLDR is a text editor and analyzer that uses Sentiment Analysis and Concept Extraction that uses statistical methods to extract key concepts from text, and analyzes text to return the sentiment as positive, negative or neutral. You can also put in your messages so you know the key concepts you’re saying and what the tone of your text is.

How I built it

We built it on three platforms: iOS, Android, and Web.

iOS: We used xCode(swift) Android: Android Studio(Java) Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, and three.js

All of our platforms used the HP Haven OnDemand API's. (Sentiment Analysis and Concept Extraction)

Challenges I ran into

Web: retrieving, parsing, and implementing JSON. Android: retrieving, parsing, and implementing JSON. iOS: retrieving, parsing, and implementing JSON.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned how to use RESTful APIs

What I learned

API Integration



What's next for TLDR

Pushing to Play Store and App Store in the near future.

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