Services like TicketMaster and EventBrite often have hefty convenience fees that they tack on to every ticket purchase -- and everybody hates this. Using the XRP Ledger, we can reduce these costs. TKTZ is a proof of concept that shows how event organizers can sell tickets using the Seller app, while event goers can purchase these tickets using the Buyer app.

What it does

TKTZ consists of two apps: a Seller app and a Buyer app. The Seller app creates NFTs that represent tickets to an event. The event organizer can specify ticket price and the amount of tickets to generate. These are then made eligible for sale.

People who wish to attend the event can use the Buyer app to purchase a ticket and display proof of ownership in the form of a scannable QR code.

What is happening behind the scenes between these two apps really is: NFTs are minted & offered for sale by the Seller, which in turn are purchased by and transferred to the Buyer.

How we built it

TKTZ is built using React / Node.js and the XRPL package for Node.

Interesting notes

The event referenced in the demo is actually a live show that my band will perform on March 31, 2022 in Austin, TX. We are planning to mint a few tickets and honor them at the show.

What's next for TKTZ - An event ticketing solution

I'd like to create a more formal website where the average person can implement TKTZ and XRP into their real world events.

Try it Out!

The apps currently run using the NFT-Devnet. Be sure to generate credentials for both a Buyer and Seller account here:

Seller App:

Buyer App:

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