What We Made

ポイントシステムです。 Point system.

Specific areas of blockchain use


There was a specification to use SPVs in the hackathon. We decided to implement a chat system for this purpose.


Otherwise, mAPI is used. I used minercraft, although this may be a different approach exactly.


The history of the points moved by the point system is encrypted and broadcasted.

What we can do in the land of Japan

日本は政府への届け出なく、他人のウォレットを管理したり、安易にトークンを発行できません。 このため通常の仮想通貨的なサービスは非常に敷居が高くなります。

Japan does not allow you to manage other people's wallets or issue tokens easily without notifying the government. This makes normal virtual currency-like services very difficult.

そのためビジネスとしての利用はDBとしての利用が最も有効です。 これは実はどの国でも同じではないかと思います。さらにいうと、これを実現するには他のブロックチェーンの選択肢はありません。

Therefore, the most effective way to use it as a business is to use it as a DB. This is actually the same for all countries. More so, there is no other blockchain option to achieve this.

Service Description


Like a multi-wallet for virtual currency, you can manage multiple stores with multiple points in a single account.

Here are some sample codes


This is a little different from mAPI, but it is an example of querying a minor with minercraft and pushing it. https://github.com/meta-taro/minercraft


I have uploaded an example of the SSE server side of SPV. This is an example of an api that creates an account, generates ch and tokens, and then listens for posts. https://github.com/meta-taro/SPV-Event-Server-SSE-

The first video I uploaded.




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