As busy college students, we were inspired to do this project by the other things we use in our daily lives to keep track of deadlines and events. We wanted to make an application that students could use to organize their busy lives.

What it does

This program is a basic calendar/student organizer tool. It allows users to switch between months and write whatever they want into the individual days. Users can then save whatever they write and then load it into the month again if they leave and reenter the program.

How we built it

We started out with making the basic window. One of us worked on algorithms for making sure the dates show up correctly and there are the correct amount of days in the month, while the other focused on making the actual calendar and the text boxes that go inside it. Once we had those basics down, we worked on other features like switching the month and saving/loading user entries.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a lot more challenges with this project than we initially thought we would. We had plans to add on things like a to-do list and a daily water tracker, but we ended up facing so many complications with the calendar that we had to omit these other features and also make it so the calendar is only valid in the century 2000. Most of the problems arose from our lack of knowledge of Tkinter, like not understanding how to make the window fullscreen on different screen sizes or how to get rid of our global variables. We also have never used GitHub to work with other people before, so there were also a few issues with figuring out how to resolve merge issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we were able to get the calendar to switch between individual months while still being able to maintain the correct layout of the days. The save/load feature was also something we were very happy to have completed, as it makes the calendar a lot more useful overall.

What we learned

Since neither of us have used Python’s Tkinter interface before, we both spent a lot of time simply learning how to make buttons, labels, and entry boxes with the interface. However, it got easier as time went on and we learned a lot about how applications work with Tkinter.

What's next for Tkinter Calendar

We originally planned for more features like a separate to-do list and daily water intake tracker. We were also thinking about adding more settings so that the user could change the color of the calendar or the text. There were many poor coding practices like global variables in the backend that we would have liked to fix. In the future we might go through and make all of these changes that we ran out of time to do.

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