The new growth and power of AR and VR has inspired us to rethink the way that anyone can think if their investments and money.

What it does

By using unity AR technology and deep learning, TKAR allows the user to see their investment portfolio in a three dimensional environment allowing for easier understanding.

How we built it

For the front end AR we used Unity. Both our Deep learning and API are hosted in Azure.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges we ran into were understanding Azure and blackrock API. Outside of tools, we encountered challenges communicating with each other, Especially, when talking about how we would implement and merge different technologies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to create a beautiful interphase to that tied in all our different technology together in the end. We were also proud that we didn't give up on using APIs and other software when we encountered problems. Instead, we persisted, talked with company reps and solved our issues.

What we learned

We learned that there is no limit to what we can create when you mix technology and creativity. Though communication was a big problem through the beginning, it taught us have a clear and precise team goal to follow is crucial to success.

What's next for TKAR

We hope to explore more possibilities of visualizing information in creative ways and improving augmented experiences.

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