Us students often have trouble with homework assignments or topics learned in the classroom throughout the day. Students typically post these questions within Facebook or study groups to have them answered. However, these Facebook groups are typically limited to only one year and sometimes only one class as well, which doesn't allow input from other sources that mayu be more knowledgeable such as upperclassmen or students who have already taken the course.

What it does

Despite the fact this is an incompleted project, the forum would be devided into different subjects that students typically take throughout their time at TJ. For now, we have included only 4 subjects. A student can sign up or log in to gain points for questions they answered, but it is not required; however to ask or answer a question, the student's name is required.

How I built it

We used what we knew about html, javascript, and css to create a website on our local domain using sublime 2 and running it on google chrome.

Challenges I ran into

Organization and formatting, as well as becoming familiar with a otherwise foreign programming language through forums and online tutorials. Furthermore, we could not figure out how to work the domain and were overall unsuccessful in uploading our website to the internet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Allowing our program to navigate between pages and have working buttons and text inputs as well as outputs.

What I learned

I learned html, javascript and css.

What's next for TJHSSTHomeworkForum

An online domain and login/signup system.

Built With

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