As avid members of National Honor Society, we are always looking for new ways to ease the process of reaching out to our own TJ community in desperate times. In the 21st century, the sure-fire way to find your match in any situation is through a mobile app! Inspired by the success story of Tinder-the dating app-TJ Tinder combines cutting edge technology with community outreach for the perfect app. :)

What it does

Based on status (tutor, tutee, study buddy), the app provides "matches" based on percentage compatibility of schedules. This way, everyone sees their options, and has the opportunity to choose their "perfect match."

How we built it

This app is entirely built through Android Studio, for Android phones.

Challenges we ran into

As amateur coders, this was no easy task. However, it's always worth it if we can make one perfect match happen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making so many students happy.

What we learned

Making apps is really hard, and we may need the app ourselves to learn more about mobile development.

What's next for TJ Tinder

More courses, More options, More happiness.

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