In a time where many teams are forced to work remotely and cannot meet face to face, we wanted to provide them with additional insights into employees’ skills and work styles to help form better teams. We also wanted to automate the process in order to save time and provide deeper insights.

What it does

SmartRadarlytics intelligently collects and aggregates user-related data from Jira and builds comparable user profiles in order to create balanced team compositions and optimize collaboration. Each user is evaluated on 5 skills (communication, supportiveness, expertise, meeting deadlines, and productivity). To evaluate each user on these 5 skills, our app automatically retrieves user-related data from Jira and processes it. Up to 5 users’ profiles can be overlaid in the radar chart for easy comparison, so that a well-rounded team can be built.

How we built it

We used Forge to create a Confluence macro, so that the radar chart can be added to any Confluence page. We retrieved the data used to calculate each user’s skills using the Jira API, and we examined user activity like comments, watches, and more. The radar chart itself was built using scalable vector graphics (SVG).

Challenges we ran into

The initial challenge we ran into was deciding what skills would be best to measure and how to choose the best data from Jira to evaluate a user’s skills. To solve this, we researched what skills are most important for team collaboration and cross referenced it with the type of data we could obtain from the Jira API. Another challenge we encountered was ensuring that we designed the chart so that it illustrated only the user’s working style, rather than ranking them among other users. We resolved this by scaling each user’s profile to fit the chart exactly, so that the chart showed each user’s relative strengths and weaknesses, rather than absolute numbers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have come up with a uniquely automated solution to a task traditionally tackled manually and help teams optimize collaboration despite working in remote environments.

What we learned

We learned all about the new Forge development platform and how to work with the Jira API.

What's next for SmartRadarlytics

The next step for SmartRadarlytics would be to collect more data from more sources like GitHub and Slack, so that we can better represent users’ working styles. We would also like to use machine learning to provide deeper insights into the collected data.

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