Time management is one of the most serious challenges that college students are facing, the fact is the students are always been overwhelmed by massive information although they try to balance their schedule

What it does

We built a calendar application that helps students to organize the priorities of all the events, and even make personalized recommendations to discover local events based on the social relations. Also, the most important target for our application is to help students achieve their personal life goals. A few important feature of our product are that it can intelligently extract events from email, and it can recommend the local events that users' are interested in according to your gps.

How I built it

We constructed it on Android platform and provided it the back-end service with Node.js and MySQL. With IBM Watson, the AI platform, we implement the NLP to extract the keywords, position, date and time, and other important information to intelligently ask the users whether they are willing to attend them.

Challenges I ran into

We faced limited time and limited food, but they are all conquered by our passion.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. IBM NLP: automatically extract event information.
  2. Own social function and events can be shared, followed, and liked.
  3. Recommendation System for local events according to GPS information and social relations.
  4. Weekly goal: user can automatically create a certain number of events for the goal of every week.
  5. Decent and elegant UI design.
  6. Deploy the app on the Azure and it works stable.

What I learned

How to work as a team.

What's next for Tita

Add more features, like analysis users' mental health condition according to the events they join. And add disaster emergency notification system to ensure body health.

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